Ramon Nuñez Producing at Babble-OnBefore I jetted off to Vegas and the 2005 N.A.B. Convention we had an interesting time working on a radio campaign for Colle + McVoy and the Minnesota State Lottery. These spots weren’t about scratch games, but about The Lottery’s largesse with regards to Minnesota’s environment; something rarely touted. In point of fact, a lot of our dough gets pumped into the lakes, streams, parks and wildlife around the state. Really. More on that, here. It’s pretty cool to see.

Our announcer was Eden Bodnar, and voice actors Joe Weismann and Gus Lynch were slated to portray two guys B.S.’ing around a campfire during a typical Summer evening in Minnesota – a time when mosquito’s strafe and terrorize the locals like Goering’s Luftwaffe and DEET investors make an equal killing. Everything was going well with the recording until one of these showed up on 6th Street and cracked at the sidewalk as if it were creme brulée; the building shook, meters flagellated, and every eyebrow went as high as my blood pressure. Our producer, Ramon Nuñez (photo at left) didn’t panic at all – he just threatened to juice me if the mix fell apart.

Thankfully, no one was in studio C’s voice-over booth while Xcel was doing their archaeological thesis. We were able to move the guys 30 feet away from ground zero and patch them into my studio to finish things off. The spot came out well because the guys had lots of air inside the script (thanks to Brian Ritchie’s tight writing) and their chemistry was really natural. Luckily, some sneaky editing removed the pervasive, bowel shaking,sensurround artifacts.

I get my fillings reset next week.

Here’s, “Mosquito”.
[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1554″] You can find out more about Gus Lynch and Eden Bodnar from Moore Creative Talent.

Joe Weismann is listed through Wehmann Models and Talent.

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