lvccLast time I was here, Bush was campaigning for a second term, Saddam Hussein was a menace, and the stock market was tanking.

And that was ’91.

Somebody cue the David Bowie tune…

This year, the N.A.B. (National Association of Broadcasters), is holding its annual schmoozefest at the Las Vegas Convention Center and I’ll be there to have a look. Hopefully, it’ll be an opportunity to find out what’s new and interesting with Radio, Television and Web Based Audio. If not, it’ll be an unparalleled excuse to explore the visual allure that is the Las Vegas strip by day.

Some of the things I’ll be researching will be HDTV, HD Radio (also known as Digital Radio), Surround-Sound Radio, voice over IP technology, as well as new production music and sound effect libraries. After that, during the evenings, I’m anticipating that I’ll delve into all the changes the strip has gone through in the past 15 years.

Since I’m not a gambler (other than being a small business owner) I thought I’d do some research on the arts scene before getting into town. Indeed, there are more shows and attractions than there were before, but Vegas is still Vegas. Case in point: An attraction that I would have loved to have seen, but missed, was called The Cow Parade. This was an idea similar to the campaign to have all those Peanuts statues around the Twin Cities; businesses sponsored artists to shape life-sized cows to their particular “taste”. The statues were then placed all over the city and then auctioned off for a charity. But in true Vegas style there were entries like, “Cowmercial”, “MooMaid”, “Nascow”, “Cowzilla” and, of course, “Wayne Mooton”. As for this, all I can say is, “now, I understand what the cat was thinking”

If you’re looking for more, this is where you can find the complete, um… “cowllection”

Looks like I’ll be doing more research.

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